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Participate in the construction or edition of is a web site adaptable to any screen that aims to educate and inform about Bolicoin. is currently under construction and it is likely that you will find pages without content. is an open source website and is updated directly from its repository hosted on GitHub (see repository). You can complete pages without content, add new pages, review, improve, edit the content in case you consider it wrong or contribute translations to other languages.

To contribute you can use GitHub to create an "issues", you can also fork the repository and then submit a pull request, note that pull requests will be reviewed to discuss contributed changes.

What do I need to contribute?

You should be familiar with using Git and GitHub, if you are not you can refer to the following tutorial for more information (see tutorial). You will also need basic knowledge in HTML, CSS and Bootstrap. You don't need to be a professional or an expert to contribute, the following websites may be useful in case you don't have the necessary knowledge:

If you are a web developer and would like to make major changes, it would be best to contact the developers. However, this website is completely open source and anything and everything is available to change if the community deems it necessary.