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Decentralized and open source blockchain

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It is of public design

Bolicoin is 100% auditable, designed to operate without a central authority. It is maintained by its community.

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Your money at your fingertips, always available without restrictions of any kind. Use Bolicoin for anything you want, from charging for products or services in your business or company, to making simple everyday payments, without the complication and delay that traditional banking systems usually generate.

Secure and independent

Bolicoin has its own blockchain and uses the X11 algorithm, one of the most powerful and secure mining algorithms.


An extra layer of network services including payment management and governance system with rewards for its maintainers.

Global, private and economic transactions

It can be used anywhere in the world, and like Bitcoin follows a privacy oriented philosophy, with low-cost transactions.

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Operating since 2015

No ICO or pre-mining. The first Bolicoin block was mined on August 29, also known as genesis block.

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No one owns or controls Bolicoin, feel free to participate.

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